AmazonBasics 亚马逊倍思 肩背式多功能数码摄影包(黑色)

亚马逊倍思(AmazonBasics)肩背式数码摄像机包是保护数字摄像机和整理配件的方便方式。 其加衬垫的内里和柔软的里衬设计可帮助保护相机的安全,使其不受刮擦,同时其侧袋和可调整的分隔提供了方便的存储选择。 而且由于这款包配备了可拆卸、可调节的肩带,还有上侧的提手,让您能够舒适、方便地携带摄像机到任何要去的地方。

佳能、索尼、 松下、三星、JVC(杰伟世)、尼康及其它。

亚马逊倍思(AmazonBasics)肩背式数码摄像机包 AmazonBasics肩背式数码摄像机包具有加衬垫的衬里,为数字摄像机提供保护
点击查看大图 亚马逊倍思(AmazonBasics)肩背式数码摄像机包 AmazonBasics肩背式数码摄像机包拥有可调节的分隔设计,用来存放摄像机和配件



这款紧凑、设计灵巧的摄像机包其长宽高内尺寸为136.5毫米*82毫米*124毫米,空间非常宽敞。 拉链侧袋和 Velcro 尼龙搭扣外袋为备用的介质、存储卡、电池、充电器、视频线及其它小型配件提供存储空间。 包的主室为摄像机提供了充足的空间,让您能够在需要时迅速取用物品。

亚马逊倍思(AmazonBasics)肩背式数码摄像机包(黑色)享受 AmazonBasics 一年有限保修


By Katharena Eiermann “Existential Diva — Presi… (1,000 miles from Nowhere…)
AmazonBasics Camcorder Bag with Shoulder Strap (Black)

AmazonBasics Camcorder Bag with Shoulder Strap (Black) has a roomy sectioned main compartment for a small camcorder and battery pack with 3- other zippered pockets for holding accessory items or other small gadgets.

The inside is buttery soft to prevent scratches, which is a real plus. Can carry 3-ways – shoulder strap, belt or by hand. This is a nifty (light weight), well cushioned, compact bag with lots of room. Perfect as a carry-on for air travel, school function or family reunion. Highly Recommended! –Katharena Eiermann, 2010

By Joe McCormick “JoeInTampa" (Tampa, FL, USA)
This well padded, small to medium size bag is perfect for my Pentax X90 superzoom camera. The fabric is strong, zippers work well and seem well made. The shoulder strap is solid. With the camera in its place in the main compartment, there is room inside the bag (on the other side of the movable divider) for the charger power cord. The front pocket easily holds the battery charger. The two side pockets have room for additional SD cards. lens cloths, etc. The netting inside the front pocket has separated from the seam tape at the top, but that doesn’t create a problem for my use. Overall, very happy with this case. Compared to the price of similar sized camera bags, this was an excellent value. Would strongly recommend to my friends.

By Maek (Phoenix, AZ United States)
Amazon is forging ahead with new product lines and the latest offering shows that they are seriously entering yet another market with difficult-to-beat prices.

It’s a very small bag, to be sure, but if you’re looking for a bag for an outside “for-the-day" excursion that is light, unobtrusive, and practical for both small camcorder/digital camera use, then you can’t beat this one. It’s got enough room for your recent offerings of camcorders and digital camera (low/mid-range consumer level) with enough space for spare batteries, memory cards, etc.

At a price that’s nearly half of other brand offerings (i.e. Case Logic), it’s hard not to pass this up. I’ve used it a few times and just having something this light and durable is a relief when I just need something for a short period of time. Just don’t expect to have it hold something as large as, say, a charger. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping this bag.



亚马逊倍思(AmazonBasics) 是亚马逊公司基于消费电子类“基本产品”的自有品牌,它专注于价值体现,强调优良的品质和有竞争力的价格,是卓越品质和实惠价格完美结合的消费电子典范。
亚马逊倍思(AmazonBasics) 不仅秉承了亚马逊公司客户至上的原则,其所有选品都经过了严格的测试,以保证产品质量在市场同类产品中具备高标准,同时坚持了亚马逊“天天低价”的原则, 为用户提供了更多高性价比的选择。

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Product Features

  • 加衬垫的内里和可调节的分隔设计
  • 可拆卸、可调节的肩带及上侧的提手
  • 外部尺寸:145毫米*102毫米*201毫米;内部尺寸:136.5毫米*82毫米*124毫米
  • 享受亚马逊倍思一年有限保修服务
  • 以认证的无忧包装进行配送